Our Mission

At Your Digital Ubiquity, we take pride in being resourceful, flexible, and friendly for our clients. Helping you to navigate the website development process smoothly is our mission.

A Collaborative Team

Working together to assure that your website will look great and function well. 

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Problem Solvers

Research-driven solutions to develop the best strategy that attracts and converts your visitors.

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From copywriting to aesthetic user experience design, your website will embody visual storytelling. 

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Functional across browsers and devices, your website will be easy for you to add content and blog.

Our Story

Have you ever tried to find a restaurant’s menu on their website? On your phone? During happy-hour? When you were with a group trying to figure out if it was the right place to go?

Yeah, so have we. And 7 out of 10 times we leave the site before getting to the menu because we’re frustrated and we just want to find something to eat that will keep everyone happy. 

That’s it basically. That’s how we got started. Sick and tired of not being able to find pertinent information and wasting time on websites is what led us into starting our own digital marketing and website development agency. 

Your Digital Ubiquity is here to help by building websites where users can get the information they’re looking for quickly without getting frustrated and leaving the website, which is essentially lost business. We offer affordable options so that your business can have a digital presence that will improve your organic reach and drive growth. 

Users want to surf the net, not struggle against the current.

Meet The Owner

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My name is Abigail Gulla, and I am the founder of Your Digital Ubiquity.  I decided to seek out a tech career after an injury to my back ended my career as a golf professional.

Discovering the benefits of a complete marketing tool can help generate revenue, make client communication seamless, and give the business an organizational tool to keep track of all their leads. I care about my clients and their businesses and want them to succeed and an effective website will give owners confidence in their web presence to do so. 

My educational background includes a business degree from Flagler College. I consider a continuing education in coding and user experience design a part of my process that leads the websites I build for businesses to outrank and gain greater conversions than their competitors.