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Project Details

Koopman Lumber is a regional hardware company based in Massachusetts. They have over 10 locations and 2 distribution centers.

They have brick and mortar hardware stores with a lumber and service operation for contractors and home builders in the region. 


They wanted to condense 3 websites: Koopman’s main website, their blog, and their website for professional home builders & contractors.

To update their legacy website to a modern easy to follow website for 3 user groups: everyday people that shop at their hardware stores, professional contractors, and homebuilding businesses.

They were “blacklisted” in Google due to their lacking hierarchy setup on their website, lack of accessibility, and no SSL on their websites.

Generate traffic to their online marketplace. 

Create a space for professionals and contractors.


Created one easy to use website for their user groups with the appropriate user groups. Generate over 1000 visitors per day.

Cleaned up their hierarchy for SEO, designed a site with accessibility at the forefront, and gave them an SSL. They already had 70K backlinks so once everything was cleaned up after a week they were landing either #1 in organic search results over competitors or were close to the top of the first page.

Created Call to Actions that leads the users to their online marketplace sprinkled in appropriate sections throughout the website. 

Created Call to Actions that leads professionals to their professional services page throughout the website.


Key Features