modCounsel's homepage

Project Details

modCounsel is global law firm based out of San Francisco with offices in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and the Philippines.

They provide general counsel and in-house legal support for varying practice areas for growth companies. 


A website design that will help a user easily get to the web page for a service that they are looking for, as modCounsel has several different practice areas for which they provide in-house support.

To convey the message that their services are available for anyone that needs them globally, but to keep the local SEO around the northern California market.


Created pages for each practice division so that users could find exactly the help that they needed, and also come up in the search results for that particular practice type.

Title tags and metadata are written for northern California but have left tags for other locations in the footer. As the company expands in those areas each location will get its own website.


Key Features