Big Canoe Airport Transfers

Big Canoe Airport Transfers

Project Details

Big Canoe Airport Transfers is an airport ride service based out of Big Canoe, Georgia.

They do luxury airport transfers back and forth from Atlanta International Airport to Big Canoe, Georgia.


A one-page website design that included a user experience with an emphasis on hitting the search engine queries about rides to and from ATL from Big Canoe.

To convey the message that their services are dependable and they are dedicated to customer support and taking the stress out of finding a ride to the airport.

The owner wanted people to be able to contact him without having to read through the website or in case of a flight or transportation emergency.


Copy that is geared toward families and business travelers.

Logo and branding that fit the overall feel of the Big Canoe Experience and Lifestyle.

A simple one-page site that is easily navigated with all the pertinent information regarding Big Canoe Airport Transfers. As they grow we will build the site out to more pages.


Key Features