Skyway Behavioral Health

Skyway Behavioral Health Homepage

Project Details

Skyway Behavioral Health is a behavioral health center that opened in Chicago in spring 2022.

As a new business, there was no authority or presence on the search engines so during the discovery process for the website design we focused heavily on keyword research.

The logo that was designed for the firm did not take into account accessibility contrasts or font size, so we also needed to shade up or down from their branding guide to be in compliance with accessibility guidelines.


A site design that included a user experience with an emphasis on Skyway’s Behavioral Health services for several different user groups depending on the needs of the individual user’s mental health and also for referring professionals.

To make future clients want to reach out to the facility for a number of behavioral health problems.

Become a resource for behavioral health services to whoever needs it.


An easy-to-navigate website where a person in mental distress is able to get the information they need without additional stress and frustration.

SEO results that have them ranking for behavioral health services in the Chicago area and their rating keeps growing.

Easy to post blog template so that they can post resources and information regarding mental health as often as possible.


Key Features