Who is working on your website?

When you hire an agency to build your website you might be curious to know about who will be working on your site. While some agencies and freelancers do it differently these are the main titles of people you’ll find at most agencies:

Front-End Developer – Responsible for the code of the website that users see on their devices. The architecture of the user experience (UX) is also the responsibility of the front-end developer. They turn the visual design created by the Web Designer into the interactive interface for your users.

Back-End Developer – The back-end of your website will have a server, a database, and an application. These have to communicate with each other and to have functionality with the front-end of your website. This is the responsibility of the back-end developer and they do it through server-side languages to build and maintain these systems. CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are what make it possible for users to input data and for you to interact with your users through the data collected. For enterprise-sized projects the front-end and back-end developers might be different individuals, but for smaller projects a single Full-Stack Developer may be able to deploy your project. 

Full-Stack Developer – This is the Jack-of-All-Trades that is capable of handling the front-end code and server-side languages to build your website. 

Web Designer – Your logos, site layout, and colors are all the responsibility of the Web Designer. They hand the final design off to the developers to build your site. 

SEO Specialist – Site traffic is the concern of your SEO Specialist. They optimize your site using tactics including keywords, linking (externally and internally), writing clean URLs etc. Metadata tags and schema are also the responsiblity of the SEO Specialist. They work closely with the copywriter in providing the keyword knowledge and calls to action to funnel users through your site to lead to more conversions.

Copywriter – The content of pages is also referred to as copy and they are the responsibility of the copywriter. While many clients will have an idea of the content they want to be written on their sites the additional team of the copywriter and SEO specialist can polish the content which will lead to better user experience. A better user experience equals more conversions. 

Depending on the size and scope of your project will depend on the team needed to work on it. These individuals work together to develop the appropriate content strategy for your business. Every aspect of your site from the button colors to the heading titles are part of your website’s content strategy. 

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