How We Build a Website 5-Step Process

Your Digital Ubiquity's process for how we build a website, to help you with your onboarding in becoming one of our clients.
How To Build a Website

1. Research

We utilize our free consultation call to ask questions about the intent of your website. These questions help us to understand your business, your audience, and to help us provide you with an accurate estimate for your website.

Our estimate needs to be as accurate as possible for our contract to state a Scope of Work that will meet your expectations and provide you with an essential marketing tool for your business.

You Approve of the Estimate.

We have a new client to celebrate and what could be better for that moment than an onboarding e-mail! (We can think of 1000 things, but it’s marketing.) You’re excited! We’re excited! Let’s do this!

You get an onboarding email with our contract.

We are transparent, we know you don’t have computer science AND business degrees or you wouldn’t have hired us. When a doctor performs surgery (most, but not all patients) want to know what the procedure will entail. It gives patients peace of mind. Same here, we’re the experts. We want you to trust us and feel comfortable with the process.

We need you to do some homework for us including (if you haven’t already) securing your domain name. That is the URL address like “” which directs users to your site. Our recommendation is Hover Domains because over 5 years we have never, not once, had an issue with their domains, and feel the process is easy for non-tech people. 

Other homework we need to get from you is your content for the site (copy), color schemes you like that go with your logo, and any photos you may want to use for your site. We use this to start designing your site, planning it’s functionality, and how to optimize the website for search engines. 

2. Design

We will design a plan for the user first. To build a website Your Digital Ubiquity uses responsive design so your website will look good across all devices and browsers. The front-end of your website should be easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. We design a path using a content strategy that will get your users booking appointments, buying products, and/or making reservations.

The final mock-ups will be sent to you and you will have the opportunity to review them and make any changes. We include 2 free rounds of mock-ups, if you need them, after that they will be priced as-needed. We like to think that we’re good listeners so we rarely need to go past 2 rounds of changes. 

You approve the mock-ups!

3. Build a Website / Development

We build a website for your business that you will be proud to have representing your business. Implementing coding standards and best practices we strive to make the functionality of your site as seamless as possible for the user. The admin-panel will be set-up so that it’s easy for your organization to blog, manage your appointments, events, reservations, products, classes, or any functionality we’ve built into your site. 

Once we have finished with our initial build we will check for bugs, do screen and browser testing to make sure it looks excellent on any device. We fix anything that needs to be addressed.

Time to launch this thing. We embrace our nerdiness here. In our meetings we have discussed the feelings we get about launching a new site and for the athletes, it’s what they felt like pre-game, for the performing artists what they felt like before a performance, and for the visual artists what it felt like before going on display. In other words, we’re pumped! Launching websites is a shot of adrenaline for us nerds.

4. Launch Website

The developers that worked on your site will put it up on our hosting service under a private mode and we will hook up your domain to the site. You will be able to look through the live site and make any changes to the site and if you have anything you would like to add at this time. 

The site will still be in staging mode so if you want to add any functionality or content you can do so. If the scope of the project is changed we will charge accordingly, but we don’t have any problems with making changes if you saw something over the development process that you would like to add. 

We will provide you with an SSL certificate at this time and make sure everything is implemented to keep your site up and running.


We will show you and/or your team how to update your blog(we highly suggest blogging regularly for SEO purposes). In this class you will also learn to manage any of the functionality provided in your site. 

After your class we take off the privacy setting, get the website out of staging mode, and unveil your website to the world.

5. Maintenance & Security

Once a week we look through your site’s back-end and admin panel to update any software or applications that need to be updated. Making these updates regularly is the best practice there is to prevent your site from breaking. 

We update WP plug-ins and manage PHP through the server so that if one of the updates conflicts with another we can catch it before it affects your site. 

If we receive any critical updates we go in and do it straight away as to not leave your website vulnerable to threats.

Security is of the utmost importance, especially if you are taking payments over your website. In our regular updates to the code we ensure that your website is safe and your clients can trust you with their payment and personal data.

Our commitment to our clients is second to none. If you need something, want to make an update, don’t remember how to post your blog, contact us. We will help you. Being on the other side we know how frustrating it is. 

Don’t spend hours trying to figure something out if you don’t remember how to do it or can’t find it in the docs. 

Breathe, call us, email us we will help you out.

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