Is It Easy To Build A Website?

In short, no, it isn't easy to build a website. But Do it Yourself Website builders will try to sell you on the point that it is.
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Why DIY Website Builders Tell You It's Easy to Build a Website!

DIY Website Builders will sell you on their “free” easy to build a website pitch because they operate on a bait-and-switch business model.

When using a DIY builder like Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly et al. It helps to know HTML and CSS, and even a bit of JavaScript. If you do not know HTML and CSS specifically you will get frustrated with the drag & drop front-end builders they utilize.

DIY website builders are banking on the fact that you will indeed get frustrated and then you’re stuck paying them for their services and they are no longer free. Just to get the Wix ads off of a personal site costs $13/month(from

Another issue with DIY website builders is that you DO NOT OWN YOUR DIY WEBSITE CODE! This means you cannot move it to another hosting platform if you are unhappy, and you cannot develop anything custom if at some point you find you need a very specific functionality.

You are stuck and if you outgrow the platforms and try to move to an open-source platform you will have to start all over with your website design, click-funnels, eCommerce build etc. 

In order to move your blog you’ll actually have to copy and paste every single one. This doesn’t include all the back-end work to set-up redirects for your permalinks that have any backlink juice. Now you are paying thousands of dollars to these “free easy to build” website providers to update and maintain your site. 

But I've Tried WordPress and it Was Difficult to Use

Here’s the thing, a lot of poorly written articles and misinformation will tell you about how difficult it is to make content changes on WordPress (the Content Management System we use for a majority of clients), but that’s simply not true. We will implement a Drag and Drop builder for your site so that you can easily make content changes and blog without having to code. Our favorite one to use for clients is Elementor.

Making Changes and Writing Blogs Without Code

Elementor is easier to use and more intuitive than any of the DIY website builders out there. So blogging and making simple text changes are easy. And the bonus is you own your content and code on your site.

We don’t just leave you high and dry after building your site. We will show you how to use Elementor and write your blog. If you’re a freelancer or agency and haven’t used it check out how it works here:

Another misconception we see often is that our clients don’t know the difference between open-source and The latter being more like the DIY builders. We will make your site easy for you to use once it is built.

There are NO Shortcuts for Building a Complete Website

It is not easy to build a website by any means, or at least not a good website. Building a website requires time and planning, it is not an overnight process. It requires building a content strategy with an aesthetic design so that your users can get the information they need without leaving your website prematurely.

We utilize a team of user experience designers and developers combined with input of marketing specialists to develop a website that will be aesthetic and easy to navigate to convert users. 

See our articles on the team and our steps involved in building a website to get a better understanding of what goes into the process of producing a marketing tool that will grow your business and the value hiring a professional provides.

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YDU is a boutique marketing & web design firm in St. Augustine, Florida that builds complete marketing systems for its clients. 

Everything from design to integrating customer relationship management tools so you can keep track of your leads, send emails, and let your website work for you!

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