Themes Event Facility

Themes Event Facility Landing Page

Project Details

Themes is a small event facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia that opened towards the end of 2022. 

They have an event facility that can hold around 150 people and is completely open so that the client can decorate and host whichever kind of event is needed from weddings to business meetings.


A site design that included a user experience with an emphasis on Themes’ ability to provide professional event services to the local community in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

To convey the message that they can do anything as long as the event can fit in their space and that they host their own local events for the community.

A site where people could contact the owner for bookings that highlights the facility, and to showcase upcoming and past events that are held at the facility.


UX design that allows for users to easily book the facility or buy tickets that the facility is hosting.

Listing on Google for Event Facilities in Fredericksburg(As of this writing the amount of traffic and conversions that the owner has received has led to the owner having to scale up sooner than thought and hire staff).

Landing page style homepage with a form in the process section of securing the facility.


Key Features